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I know that life sometimes gets in the way.  That’s why I try to be as flexible as possible

when it comes to cancelling appointments. If you cancel 24 hours or more before

your appointment, I'll do my best to set up a better time for you, no questions asked.

If you cancel less then 24 hours before your appointment you are subjected

to a 50% charge of your service booked. Less than 12 hours & no shows are

subjected to a 100% charge of service booked. 

Think of it this way...When you book an appointment

you are buying my time. If you cancel late or don't show,

you are taking time from my schedule that someone else could of booked. 

Please contact me asap to cancel & to avoid being charged.

Call or Text 617-925-6864

No shows & less than 8 hours of cancellation

will be Charge 100% of services booked

Appointments booked & canceled same day are subjected 

to a 50% charge. 

*A credit may be issued for no more than 80% to be

applied at a rescheduled appointment. 

Physical & e gift card are non refundable.

Policy on requests for return of payment for services rendered

Returns of  payments made for services cannot be issued before an attempt to resolve the issue has been performed first.  If after an attempt has been made & you are still not satisfied with the outcome then a refund of 50% will be issued. 

Please contact me with any questions on these policies & before you make any type of claim to your credit card.

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