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What are eyelash extensions, lifts & eyebrow laminations? 

eyelash extensions

Lash extensions are semi-permanent synthetic, faux mink or silk fibers which are applied strand by strand to your natural lashes, 

 The application is fairly tedious. They are carefully applied one at a time using a specially-formulated, semi-permanent glue that will not irritate or damage the natural lash

There are different lash styles, to achieve different lengths, curls, and overall lash looks.

The most common lash sets are Classic, Hybrid, Volume, and Mega Volume, Lashes extensions come in various different lengths, curl types, diameters, and textures. They also come in different materials. Most lashes are made of a synthetic plastic material to mimic the look and feel of mink, cashmere or silk

 Expect the treatment to take one to two hours, depending on your desired look.  You can use this time as an excuse to lie down, relax, and take a forced break from your phone.

Avoid water for the first day or so until the glue has a chance to fully dry. Treat your new lashes with TLC—don't curl them, use  mascara, or rub your eyes. Basically, avoid anything that requires you to touch your lashes, and stay away from oil-based products and cleansers as well.

Because extensions are attached to the lash itself, they last as long as the natural growth cycle, or about six weeks. To extend the life of the extensions, use a lash shampoo and to gently comb through your lashes with a dry spoolie brush.  Make sure book every two to three weeks to fill in any sparse areas.

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eyelash lift

A lash lift curls your lash from base to tip so that you can see the full length.

 All lashes have a natural shape to them, so this process alters that shape via a tiny curling rod and a lifting solution. (It’s not as scary as it sounds, as your eyes are closed as it’s applied but yes, there are some chemicals involved.) The treatment should always be performed by a licensed professional.

Expect the whole thing to take about 45-60 minutes

The results typically last four to six weeks, depending on how quickly your eyelashes grow. You should avoid mascara for 48 hours after the treatment, and leave lashes untouched for a full day.

No makeup, or water should come in contact with your lashes for 24 hours to ensure the lift correctly sets into shape. Then, you can fully enjoy the treatment’s results.

eyebrow lamination

Laminated brows look like tall, straight hairs that appear as if they were just brushed up with a spoolie and set with gel.

The difference is, laminated brows keep their shape for days on end.

So how do they stay that way? The process is done using a gentle perm solution, neutralizing lotion, and moisturizing treatment to temporarily relax and redirect your brow hairs upwards and into place,

 A lamination make naturally thin or sparse brows look thicker. Because the hairs are relaxed, they appear longer, giving the effect of a larger brow shape," The hairs also become more pliable after lamination, making this a great service if you are looking for a ‘fluffy’ brow without the need for a brow gel, or if your natural brow hairs are curly, unruly, or point downwards.”

Often, lamination is combined with other brow services to further refine the shape. Once the solutions have treated the brows, the lifted and laminated brows are groomed by waxing and tweezing to perfection by styling the new shape. 

Tint can also be added to fill in thin brows & give them more definition. 

In addition to fluffier, fuller looking brows, 

Lamination also gives the face a natural lifted effect,. This service is ideal for nearly all types of brows, from those with fine, thin hair structures to brows that are coarser and thicker.

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