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Introducing a new professional lash system 

This new professional lash system only takes 30-40 mins to apply a full fluffy look & they last up to 5 days!

Ideal for anyone that has a multi-day event, a long weekend getaway, or simply desiring stunning lashes for an occasion without the hassle of applying strip lashes perfectly, only to have them

come off before your night is over!
In addition, the strip lashes can be uncomfortable.

These customized, no commitment lashes

are super comfy & look amazing!

Book "The fast 5 days of lashes"

Contact Me

Please have patience when trying to get in touch with me

for booking & any questions or concerns.

I am a one woman show & when I'm with clients, (you)

I devote all my time & energy for them (you) during their appointments. 

Thank you for understanding.

I will always return calls & texts as soon as I am available to do so.

144 Broadway Rt 1 North

Saugus MA 01906

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Need to Cancel?

What You Need to Know

I know that life sometimes gets in the way.

That’s why I try to be as flexible as possible

when it comes to cancelling appointments. 

If you cancel 24 hours or more before

your appointment, I'll do my best to set up

a better time for you, no questions asked.

If you cancel less then 24 hours before your

appointment you are subjected

to a 50% charge of your service booked. 

Less than 12 hours & no shows are

subjected to a 100% charge of service booked. 

Please see policy page for more details.

Think of it this way...When you book an appointment

you are buying that time with me.

If you cancel late or don't show,

you are taking time from my schedule

that someone else could of had. 

Please contact me asap to cancel & to avoid being charged.

You can text this number, it's web based & sometimes suffers from a delay. 

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Screenshot 2023-06-02 2.43.47 PM.png

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